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Jake Sanders

918 to 503 to THE 405

Hi there!  My name is Jake Sanders and I am the Director of Coffee Experience at EVERYMAN.  I've been on quite the coffee journey, from Tulsa, to Stillwater, to Portland, and back to Stillwater.  While growing up in Tulsa, I was a big fan of Starbucks and saw that coffee as the standard. I had heard of a shop called Foolish Things in downtown Tulsa and thought I would venture out of my comfort zone and try something new.

Foolish Things Coffee Co
I ordered a macchiato.  I expected a large cup full of coffee, milk, and sugar, but instead, to my surprise,  I was given a small drink served in a 3oz glass.  I was confused but didn’t want to ask what had been served to me so I begrudgingly drank it. That moment a something fundamental changed in my perception of coffee. The fact that this little drink was full of flavor didn’t make sense to me. From that moment I was hooked. I began reading up on coffee, trying to figure out names of drinks, the differences in beans, how to make coffee properly.   I quickly began to move away from Starbucks and started to try out different craft coffee.   
​My curiosity for coffee led me to EVERYMAN.  Their shop wanted to take a different approach to coffee, focusing on the local and exploring an every changing climate of coffee culture.  Making coffee for other people was very exciting and very different from brewing coffee for myself at home but if reaffirmed that coffee was my passion.  I continued to work at EVERYMAN while in college before my wife and I packed up everything and moved to coffee central, Portland, Oregon.

Jake & Hailey Sanders

As of 2016, there were 2,572 coffee shops in Portland. In that regard it was the ultimate teacher.  I started out as a barista at a shop that had only been open for 3 months when I started called, Push X Pull. This role was extremely important to me because I was able to see how to work in the coffee capital of the world where standards are at the highest.  

Push x Pull Coffee

Push x Pull Coffee 
During my time in Portland I attended classes through Bellissimo. These courses taught everything from how to open a coffee shop to how to roast. They were extensive.  Through these classes I was able to meet the owner of Bellissimo Coffee Classes, who also is an owner of a well-respected coffee shop in Portland called, Water Avenue Coffee. After finishing the classes I talked to him about jobs within Water Avenue and 3 days later received a phone call for an interview.  

Water Avenue Coffee

Water Avenue Coffee Company
The job at Water Avenue was another great learning opportunity because I was no longer a barista, this time I was working in the roastery. What started out as a very part time job turned into a very full-time job. I was learning about the origins of coffees, roasting processes, and so much more about the coffee industry.  I continued to work there until 2019, when my wife and I moved back to Oklahoma.
Before moving to Portland, I had definitely thought I knew a ton about coffee. It wasn’t until working at the two coffee operations that I realized how little I really knew.  I'm excited to now bring back my passion to EVERYMAN and ultimately...you.  I hope you'll follow along here and if you're ever in town swing by and try one of my creations.  

My blog posts will be about coffee. From things I find interesting, to exciting things happening in the coffee industry, to the exploration happening in my corner of the world in Downtown Stillwater.  Coffee is something I love to drink, learn, teach, and experience.  So in closing, Hi, my name is Jake Sanders and I'm the Director of Coffee Experience right here at EVERYMAN.  Let's explore.  


Jake Sanders 
EVERYMAN Director of Coffee Experience 


John Petrach

Ohhhhhhhhh baby, this is going to be good!!!

Aaron Malin

Great story! I’m glad you’re back. Not only are you good at coffee, you’re a natural at conversation. Welcome home!

J Bryson Baker

So excited to have this level of passion on our team. You’re a rock star Mr. Sanders.

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