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Have you ever had a cup of coffee that has that very classic “coffee” taste and then have a different cup of coffee that is fruity and almost tea-like? Coffee is an incredible thing because you can buy a coffee that can taste like chocolate and nuts and then buy another coffee that tastes like blueberries and floral. They are not artificially flavored coffees.  These are notes creating by the complicated botanical process that happens as the coffee plant develops.  The tasting notes you see on a bag of coffee is, of course, tied to its origin.
Generally speaking, coffee will come from the bean belt. Coffee can come from other places as well. Still, the geographic areas mentioned below are the most typical locations coffee will be from because of optimal growing climates.  So, even though you may just be looking at a black cup of coffee there are many things going on in bringing that cup to life and delivering a specific taste profile.
So what do coffees from these places taste like? I have put together a list of tastes that come from these areas; these aren’t always going to be spot on, but they are what you generally can come to expect.
Ethiopian: tropical, fruit-forward, floral, light-body, bright
Kenya: citrus, berries, chocolate, nutty, grapefruit
El Salvador: apple, pear, vanilla, plum
Colombia: fruit-forward, cherry tartness, caramel, chocolate, nutty
Guatemala: chocolate, caramel, nutty
Brazil: banana, cherry, cola, chocolate
As mentioned earlier, these are some fairly traditional tasting notes. Coffee is being processed and roasted in ways that are bringing out a lot of fun flavors in coffee that may not be as traditional as what is listed. Go out and try some coffees from some of these regions and see if you can identify some of these tasting notes.  At EVERYMAN we take an exploratory approach to coffee.  We bring in different coffees, roasted in Oklahoma, but sourced from around the globe. 
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Jake Sanders 
EVERYMAN Director of Coffee Experience 

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