August 2015
Jim Tebbs
Beckenham, United Kingdom
Husband, Father, Blogger


Jim caught our attention because of his immense amount of dedication to all things fatherhood.  Jim challenges all men to invest in their children even when time may seem like it comes at a premium.  He states,

"Get involved. You don’t have to be a stay-at-home dad to be involved, and you WILL regret not having done so as your son or daughter grows up very quickly. Time certainly does fly, there’s no getting away from it, and it’s easy to miss those little moments that are important for no other reason than their involving your baby."
During the day Jim works at a prestigious London Design Agency.  By night, he enjoying performing with his rock band.  He is truly a multifaceted dynamic man.  With the birth of his daughter Jim felt like he had even more to say.  He started his blog "New Dads".  The blog is accurately subtitled, "Your Toughest Job Yet".  Through his blog Jim connects men to resources they can leverage as fathers.  The blog features three primary areas that we, at EVERYMAN, find incredibly insightful. 

1.  Daddy DIY: Guides, advice and articles for you new dads to get your teeth in to.

2.  Five minutes spare? Then why not spend it musing on our articles that we think you'll like.

3.  Ask Big Momma: Fellas, have got any questions that you daren’t ask the missus?


Through his blog Jim exhibits what we at EVERYMAN find most worthy of praise: Giveback.  Jim provides dads with helpful hints, tricks, and encouragement. He says,

"There is no one magic method for all, and something that worked before, may well have a shelf life."

Through New Dads Jim has also created a safe environment for men to feel comfortable airing their questions.  What his blog really does is: empower men to take ownership of their fatherhood.

Follow Jim on Twitter at @NewDadBigDaddy & get involved today by visiting his website at new-dads.com.

Jim, we here at EVERYMAN celebrate you.  We appreciate the servitude you have shown in aggregating so many resources for fathers and men around the world.  Our hope is that more men invest in the lives' of their children and that your work at New Dad continues to impact those who would acknowledge the power they have to influence their family.
Jim has served notice folks, Man Up.  
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