What does “Haberdashery” mean?
A men's clothing and accessories shop.

How is EVERYMAN different from other stores?
EVERYMAN focuses on the male shopping experience. Reasonably priced menswear coupled with designer styles, a dedicated craft coffee bar, and classical barbering. Not only does EVERYMAN have all those amenities, but we donate a portion of revenues to organizations as well!

How does EVERYMAN give back?
Through our mission: “Haberdashery with Giveback”, EVERYMAN donates to several organization, all of which focus on the mentorship of young men. Click “Giveback” to learn more.

How long does it take for an order to reach my final destination?
Usually orders ship 1st Class Mail within 2-3days. For a $5 rush items ship priority.

Does EVERYMAN provide suit & tuxedo rentals?
Yes, EVERYMAN does! We also offer on site wardrobe and barbering services. Click on the link on our homepage for more details.

How does EVERYMAN do coffee differently?
At EVERYMAN we re-craft our menu every single week. We support local Oklahoma roasters by forging working relationships with the best coffee minds in the state. We work hard to bring you new tastes and welcome you to explore the ever changing world of coffee with us.

Are walk-ins for hair/beard cuts welcomed?
Walk-ins are always welcomed! Although, sometimes it may be busy and people have appointments scheduled. If you’d like to get in for sure then you may always schedule an appointment! If not, give us a call and we can let you know ahead of time!

Can I schedule appointments at EVERYMAN?
You absolutely can. You can schedule an appointment online or give us a call at (405) 332-5563!

Why are some suits $200 and some suits $2000?
Suits are priced differently based on many elements including: Material, Fit, Label, & Construction. Come on in for a free fitting and we’ll chat about it.

Why is a cup of coffee $3.25?!?!?!
We are sourcing our beans from local coffee artisans who make sure the beans are of the highest quality and roasted with supreme integrity.

Why is a haircut $25!?!?!?!
All of our haircuts are delivered by classically trained world class barbers. We use the highest quality instruments and styling products. Every haircut starts with a shampoo and ends with a hot towel and straight razor edge. We do it the right way every time.

Haberdashery with Giveback

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