Bridges Boy's Academy - September 2015



Bridges Academy
Bend, OR



“To successfully reunite teen boys and their families with a positive vision for their future.”                  










Bridges Academy is reflected in the magnificence of the Three Sisters mountain peaks (Faith, Hope, & Charity) on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range, between the cities of Bend and Sisters, Oregon, where the beauty and grace of today meets the healing and restoration of tomorrow.  The primary goal of Bridges Academy is to promote a student’s personal development and emotional maturity by building a well-rounded individual with commitment to self, family and the community. Our unique program provides an integrated academic and personal development curriculum designed to meet the needs of the family as a whole. At Bridges Academy, students are able to explore and develop the insight to better understand themselves and their relationships with others.







"Bridges Academy didn't just save our son...the experience saved our entire family"

Denise R.  Santa Rosa, CA 



Bridges Academy offers a carefully planned and fully accredited program specifically designed to meet all of our students academic abilities and goals. The individualized plans and diploma include IEP accommodations, credit recovery, honors classes as well as college prep classes. Our experienced and dedicated teachers customize curriculum to fit each student’s needs and can accommodate grades 7 through 12 with year-round, on-campus classes and low teacher-student ratio.


“I would like to thank you for all of the lessons, experiences and opportunities that were provided to me while I was at Bridges Academy. Coming to Bridges, at first I wouldn’t have thought so, was the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel like while I attended school at Bridges, I matured as a person, gained new perspective on my life and the world, and gained an overall appreciation of the people and things around me.”
Wes W.
Past Graduate
Morrison, CO.



Bridges' highly structured living setting, positive peer environment, earned phase system, leadership building combined with experiential learning, all work together to encourage respectful behaviors and accountability. At Bridges Academy, students learn and demonstrate improved behavior by exhibiting positive habits such as self-regulation, adhering to daily schedules, following basic rules and interacting with staff and peers. Students also work on emotional growth and insight through individual, group and family counseling and other thought-provoking assignments.

Students who complete their program are more likely to succeed in life. They re-enter their world with healthy, realistic goals and the necessary skills to achieve them. They have learned the value of total honesty as well as the value of open communication with their family. They have a strong self-care plan in place and can recover quickly if focus is temporarily lost. In short, they become more insightful contributing members of their family and community with a positive vision of their future. 


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