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The Mentoring Project
Portland, OR & OKC, OK


"The Mentoring Project exists to rewrite the fatherless story through mentoring."

The Mentoring Project inspires, recruits, trains, equips, and refers and matches men and women to become relational youth mentors. Through consulting, resourcing, and unique programing, The Mentoring Project builds sustainable mentoring communities across North America and in targeted cities globally.

In the United State alone, there are some 25 MILLION YOUTH GROWING UP FATHERLESS.  This is a personal tragedy and a collective epidemic.  Countless statistics tell us that children from fatherless homes are more likely to: drop out of school, become teenage parents, join gangs and experiment with drugs.  The fatherless story is not ending well.  We believe this can change.

Not yet connected with a mentoring network? 

The Mentoring Project has created two Mentor Toolkits to jump start mentoring in your community.

Think you have what it takes to be a mentor? With a little coaching, we think you do!  The Mentoring Project designed the Individual Mentor Toolkit for mentors wanting to rewrite the fatherless story through mentoring.  Your Mentor Toolkit includes The Mentoring Project's newest Mentor Field Guide, a training video, a t-shirt and a few pointers to lay the foundation for relationship based mentoring.  Once you complete your Mentor Toolkit, we can help you connect to a mentoring effort in your community.


Our President, John Sowers often says, "This generation has been wounded the most in relationships - it is in relationships where the healing must begin."





Are you ready to reimagine your community?  Let's do this!  We curated the Small Group Mentor Toolkit for leaders who are ready to start or expand a mentoringeffort in their city.  We've been collecting mentor stories and consulting national and neighborhood mentoring organizations for more than seven years.  We have packaged a jump start collection that should put you two years ahead of where your mentoring efforts are today.  With our completely redesigned and updated Opps Guide and promotional coaching, you have what you need to enhance the mentor ratio in your community.  We have created a training portfolio including videos, Mentor Field Guides and small group application questions.  All you need to do is gather your small group to start working on The Mentoring Project's Small Group Mentor Toolkit.  With step-by-step instructions and access to custom leader coaching - we will help you rewrite the fatherless story through mentoring.
Currently the Mentoring  Project is knee deep in preparations for their upcoming Place Conference a conversation on relationships, mentoring and reconciliation to take place in Oklahoma City September 23-25. 



The Mentoring Project is serving over 300 mentor communities across North America by providing mentor training resources and consulting.  Maybe you can connect with our crew!  E-mail to find out if a group in your community is already using our mentor training resources.

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