I was originally inspired by the epic poem of the same name, EVERYMAN.  In this allegory EVERYMAN encounters many characters that ultimately beg him to consider how well of a life he lived.  I'm convinced that, as men, we have an important role in society, with our wives, and with our children.   I'm constantly focused on a well lived life and our company does the same.


"The goal was simple.  Create an environment that elevated four simple, perhaps elemental aspects of the male experience."


  1. Menswear

  2. Barbering

  3. Coffee

  4. Alcohol

From our genesis we've been persistent that our company focus on generosity.  I didn't grow up with a father figure and I know how important it is for children to have strong male influence in their lives.  The Fatherless story in America is devastating.  Quickly, before making a nickel we formed our Mission:

"Haberdashery with Giveback". 



Our company, from the start, has given monthly donations to organizations that mentor young boys and young men in some fashion.  Visit "Giveback Partners" to see who we support and consider supporting yourself if you feel the calling. 

We started in 2014 selling Neckties and Dress Socks in a local Barbershop.  From there we expanded into casual clothing and relocated to a children's store.  About 6 months later we expanded to more Grooming Products and Formal Wear and co-located inside of a Women's Boutique.  We were blessed to open our first location in Stillwater, OK in the Fall of 2016. 

Currently at EVERYMAN we carry a wide variety of men's casual brands, we have quickly become the areas suiting experts, we house an exploratory coffee bar,  we feature a large variety of men's grooming products, and we currently have 5 full time Barbers slinging some mad blade. 

Check out "About Us" to learn more about the brands we carry and support. 

We're looking forward to the future.  We've got big plans.  We haven't yet been able to open what we think will be a game changing bar presence.  We haven't elevated coffee, menswear, or barbering to the degree we think we can.  We're aiming high.  Hope to see you along the ride. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Remember:

It's far easier to build strong boys then to heal broken men."


Haberdashery with Giveback

Updates on Products, Services, and Giveback Partners sprinkled with a few exclusives.