The People of EVERYMAN

Founder J Bryson Baker, Wife Raychel, and Son Annson



J Bryson Baker 


 Position - founder 

 Hobbies:  Boardgames, Golf, Theatre, Apologetics 

 Quote: "It's far easier to build strong boys than to heal broken men"

 Follow Me:  Blogger "EVERYMANiAM



  Raychel A Baker

  Position - co-founder 

  Hobbies:  Reading, Playing with Annson & Beagles

  Quote: "Seriously Bryson"




 Jake Sanders 


 Position - head barista

 Hobbies:  Coffee, Horseshoes, Hailey, Asparagus  

 Quote: "May your coffee kick in before reality does."

 Follow Me:  @jake_sanders13



  Lelia Rousselot 

 Position - associate  

 Hobbies:  Chaco's, Feta Cheese, Coffee, Golden Retriever's.

 Quote: "I am without a doubt Taylor Swift's #1 fan".

 Follow Me:  @_.lelia



Matthew Sappington Matthew Sappington

Position - associate 

 Hobbies:  NBA Fanatic, Spoiling Emma  

 Quote: "Big girls don't cry"

 Follow Me:  @matthew_sappington



Marinda Story

 Marinda Story  

 Position - associate 

 Hobbies:  M&M Time,  Red Rock Donuts, Reading  

 Color:  Purple "Because I don't have a favorite quote"