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GDS Cloth Goods - Ebb Filter Compatible with Hario® V60 Brewer

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To create great coffee, you need a great filter. Ebb reusable filters produce high-quality coffee whether you enjoy it bold & earthy or delicate & floral. Our fabric was developed to be just the right density for coffee filtration—dense enough to filter out most solids while loose enough to last over 100 uses. Every Ebb reusable filter is grown, woven & sewn in the US. Now you can love your coffee even more. Fits all hario V60 size 02 brewers. 1 reusable filter per pack. Good for at least 100 uses. Made from US-grown organic cotton. Woven in South Carolina. Sewn-in San Leandro, CA. Recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging easy to wash and care for. comes with a starter guide.