Tipsy Elves - Santa Blazer with Tie

Tipsy Elves


Santa Blazer with Tie - Santa Suit. If only we could hold office meetings and contain our love for Christmas in a composed manner. Buh-bye Casual Friday, hello Santa Christmas suit! This Men's Red Santa Christmas Blazer merges the iconic look of Saint Nick with everyday office wear - it even comes with its own candy cane-inspired tie. Big sales proposal? No problem! Post-Christmas party disciplinary? Piece a cake. You might even be tempted to turn up the humor at a funeral is the mood strikes you - who could frown at this fetching red and white Santa blazer? Complete with fluffy white trims (in line with the office's beard policy), this will help you adhere to strict workwear guidelines without losing your festive groove.


Category: Faire

Type: Unknown Type

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